Rx Infinity provides reimbursement navigation services that optimize funding outcomes for patients requiring specialized high cost medications, medical equipment and nursing care services.

We have over a decade of experience interacting with public, private and federal drug plans and offer the following support services:

  • Insurance verification and assistance with public drug program application forms
  • Preparation/submission of prior authorization forms
  • Coordination of benefits between insurance plans to maximize funding
  • Appeal management expertise with insurance providers and plan sponsors
  • Assignment of benefits to eliminate upfront costs and delays in reimbursement
  • Advocacy support with government bureaucrats and elected officials
  • Access to manufacturer assistance, compassionate supply and Special Access Program (SAP)
  • Dedicated staff to improve the overall patient and HCP experience

We pride ourselves on securing optimal coverage so that patients may start and stay on therapy as prescribed.
For more information and qualification criteria please Contact Us.